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Taking Eve

What's up doc? I assume you're a doctor. All the dealers are doctors. Government shrinks who feed my sister drugs and lies, turn her away from who she is, who we are. You, my good doctor, would be just one in a long line of sterile, manipulative, white coats, except that her trail ends with you. You're the one who broke her, snuffed out the real Eve. Making her a stranger to her friends, her family —to herself.

But you didn't erase my memory. The childhood we shared, the fate we share, they reign supreme. We don't let go that easily doc. My family, we like the fight, and you took a good warrior away from us.  We are the defense against your legion of so-called Healers. Take Eve, she is yours now, and the family carries this burden without her.

I called her by a secret name, one that I made up. No other brother or sister knew, just me and her. Now, only me.

Take this personally doc. All the things that we're going to do to you and your family, won't pay your toll. It will only scratch the surface of your debt. So, for every healer-dealer on your staff, we'll take one child. That seems fair. I mean, one fluffy, spoiled rich kid, for one quarter of the Magnificent Eve. Why should you alone suffer, right? Why not share the glory —the blame.

This is the first battle in the war doc. I hope you feel special. My family, we're going to fight back. I don't believe we have a chance of stopping you, not in the big picture, but we like to fight. In the end, your personal Armageddon won't really make a difference. You and yours will still hold the power. That may never change, despite the carnage.

What is going to change? Someone's going to organize, arm themselves, and do it right for once. And if other families know how to fight, maybe they'll rise up. Maybe we can beat you, maybe not. The thing is, we can't let you march into our homes and steal our families, like you're snatching white mice from a cage.

This may be the final fight for me and my family, and I'm feeling pretty satisfied. We'll see if all your Big Government money and muscle can save you. I know it can't get you closer to truth, that belongs to my side. We are the Ushers of change. No amount of oppression can alter our fate.